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Dear Clann,


The year is moving fast! The Georgia and Florida Septs ran some informal Scottish Games at Fort King George March 19, 2016. This is the second year that we have presented the Games here.


Of course, these were not the big professional games. A professional level caber is anywhere from 17 to 21 feet long and weighs 70 to 175 pounds. The term "caber" derives from the Gaelic word "cabar" or "kaber" which refers to a wooden beam. It is said to have developed from the need to toss logs across narrow chasms (in order to cross them) or by lumberjacks challenging each other to a small contest. Our caber was much smaller than the professional level caber!


We hosted three events for the men and three for the women. The other two for the men were a sheaf toss and a stone put (to show off the man's skills and strength). The alternate event was a foot race (so the Chief could determine who the Royal Messenger will be). The three women’s events were Searching for the Root Vegetables in the Hay (similar to going into the root cellar to find vegetables for a meal for the family), Tossing the Sheaf to the Husband (taking his lunch to the field to him and tossing the bag across the stream), and Throwing the Rock (being angry at a husband).


We provided some token prizes for the winners of these events. Jessica Poulin won the overall Women's Events straight across the board. Her husband, Troy Poulin, won the overall men's events. As they say, “A good time was had by all!”



Patti Strickland

National Cadet