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Barkertown Sutlers
historically accurate mid-18th century clothing and accessories
Father Son & Friends
Celtic folk musicians
Dirk and Thistle Pewter Works
Scottish, Irish, Welsh and generic Celtic pewter medallions, buttons, jewelery, etc.
Mountain Gull Trading Company
Historical artwork, 100% wool blankets, Historical books, Buffalo Jerky and more

 Just Two Tailors

researching and manufacturing 18th century clothing for the film industry, museums, living history re-enactors and a line of 18th & 19th century patterns known as Tailor's Guide



William Shaw & Son
leather goods
Historically Correct Haversacks & Knapsacks
the name says it all
Raymond's Quiet Press
historically accurate jewelry and accessories
Ft. Downing Trading Co.

18th century adult and child clothing for museum, theater, re-enactment, rendezvous, trade fairs & rifle frolics

96 District Fabrics

fabrics and accessories for the living historian - Medieval through Victorian

G. Gedney Godwin
items for reenactors from the 17th century to the Civil War

Loyalist Arms
affordable flintlocks and edged weapons
Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.
variety of 18th century reenactors' items
Smoke & Fire Company
goods for living history reenactors
Fugawee Corporation
historically correct footwear and buckles

Crazy Crow Trading Post
variety of 18th century reenactors' items

Websites of Scottish Heritage



History of Scots in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
This site tells you how New Scotland was settled. This site links to the next site as well.

History of Scots in Scotland
This site has a huge range of links about clans, castles, battles, etc..  You can even look up your Scottish Ancestors.

The Scottish Gaelic Society of America
Want to learn Gaelic? Here's a great place to start. Features an English to "Gaidhlg" dictionary and on-line lessons, FREE!! These are great because they have audio files that let you hear how a word is supposed to sound.

(pipe tune playing: Huntley's Highland Fling)