Clann of the Wolf at the 2009 Culloden Event at Fort Rensselaer in Fort Plain, NY


(from Chris Timm’s post on the Highlanders & Hanoverians Forum


This weekend's event went very well.  The site worked out excellently, people pitched in to do what was needed and everything went smoothly.
Fort Plain turned out to be a terrific site with varied terrain, an extremely accommodating site staff and a nice view of the surrounding area since we were on the precipice of a large hill. The camp area worked very well and there were several sutlers as well.
The weather was excellent Friday and through until Saturday evening when rain came in.  That was fine but then we experienced a bit of "wind-lodden" through the night and into Sunday morning. The wind was quite extreme at points through the night.  Though a few tents were blown down the spirit of the Army of King James could not be dented.
The program flowed nicely all weekend from Friday PM's clan march, through the battle Saturday (with a great highland charge through the rolling high grass), a delightful ladies tea with a fantastic musical ensemble organized by the Edinburgh Volunteers, well-attended and contested highland games and great first person interaction. Unfortunately, with the weather the ceilidh was a quieter affair but the music was still sweet. After the storm we had a more relaxed start Sunday but our Army chaplain, Vicar Abernethy, was not distracted by the wind during morning service and finally, our battle was a spirited affair including an attempted attack on the government camp to end the weekend. An interesting program addition was a number of our people participated in a local parade Saturday to support the fort. Thank you to those willing to help in this way. You thrilled the crowd!
Participating groups from the Army of King James were:
Clan Cameron
The MacGregors
Life Guards
Clan MacLaren
Edinburgh Volunteers
Clan MacNeil
A battle highlight for me was the steady fire from our artillery contingent on Sunday which more than matched the Government rate of fire. Congratuations to Capt. Fuller for his leadership there.
Thank you especially to Bill Cooper and the Edinburgh Volunteers for hosting the event.  He did a fantastic job of pulling everything together and was a constant support throughout the weekend. The event was well organized and ran extremely smoothly.
A special thanks also to Capt. Jamie Parillo or the 27th Regiment of Foot for stepping in last week to command the Government Forces.  They were an excellent, well-led force and a pleasure to face over the course of the weekend.
So our Culloden living history weekend was another success and a great time to be part of. Thank you to all who came out and did what you do so well to make it a special time.
Don't forget our next event, "I Am Come Home!" at Fort Ontario in Oswego September 5-6.  Registration information will be going out within the month but mark your calender. By all accounts it will be growing in numbers as it did last year and will be a great weekend.
Thanks again to all who made it out, to those who did not, you were missed. Please make an effort to come out in September, its a fantastic site with a unique program.
I am and remain,
Your servant,
Chris Timm

The Clan Cameron dining tent (before the wind) l-r Elena Pretty-Larivée, NY Sept Cadet Brian Park, NY Sept member Audrey Jeffery aka Mrs. Vicar, FL Sept Cadet Jeff Bills; Sébastien Pretty-Larivée with his back to camera, and NY Sept Chief and chaplain to the Army of King James Vicar William Abernethy aka Bill Jeffery. (Photo courtesy of NJ Sept Chief Rick Young)

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


Clan Cameron dining tent lies in a heap next to the cook tent, a casualty of Saturday night’s ferocious wind.  Breakfast was served nonetheless thanks to the diligent efforts of Clan cook and OH Sept member Russ Berry (Photo courtesy of NJ Sept Chief Rick Young)

Making his first appearance at a re-enactment event is the newest addition to the future of the Clann of the Wolf and the first bairn of Captain Charlie and Sandra Fuller, wee little Nathaniel Reed Fuller.  And a fine wee laddie he is!

(Photo courtesy of NJ Sept Chief Rick Young)


Two of the newest members of the Clann of the Wolf share their second event with us, Sébastien & Elena Pretty-Larivée from Quebec, Canada.  They are very versatile and congenial re-enactors, and most welcome additions to our Clann!  Viva l’Auld Alliance!  (Photo courtesy of NJ Sept Chief Rick Young)

Some of Clan Cameron’s finest! l-r NY Sept member Gordon Hubbell, International Chief and Florida Sept member Jack McDonald, FL Sept Cadet Jeff Bills, and Clan Cameron Piper and NJ Sept Chief Rick Young.  (Photo courtesy of NJ Sept Chief Rick Young).

Past, present, and future Wolfs l-r International Cadet and TN Sept member “Lucky Dave” Cox, International Chief Wolf XV and Florida Sept member Jack McDonald, Wolf XIV and NY Sept member Missy Clark, and Wolf XI and NY Sept member Larry Clark.  (Photo courtesy of OH Sept member Tim Hanselman).

The Clann of the Wolf (aka Clan Cameron) was well represented at the 2009 Culloden event.  Front row: Sandra and Nathaniel Fuller.  Middle row: Captain Charlie Fuller, Bill Jeffery, Audrey Jeffery, Elena Pretty-Larivée, Tim Hanselman, Larry Clark, Missy Clark, Brian Park.  Back row: Jeff Bills, Fred Davis, Gordon Hubbell, Sébastien Pretty-Larivée, Jack McDonald, “Lucky Dave” Cox, Rick Young, and Russ Berry.  (Photo courtesy of OH Sept member Tim Hanselman)

(Below)  The Battle of Culloden commences on Sunday afternoon. (Photo courtesy of OH Sept member Tim Hanselman)

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