Clann of the Wolf at the May 2008 Culloden Event

at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, Ontario, Canada


Good day,

Culloden 08 turned out to be a very interesting and unique weekend.  The weather was poor, the attendance less than average, yet in the end the event turned out surprisingly well. The reason?  The resolve and spirit of those who attended. Everyone had a 'can do' attitude and approached any challenge with a smile on their face.


Saturday morning it rained but broke mid-morning and was gorgeous the rest of the day and evening.  Sunday it rained most of the day and was a bit cold throughout. Thankfully it broke for us to have the battle and also to pack up at the end of the weekend.


The site worked quite well for us with varied ground, forests and a pretty village setting.  Yes, there was a lot of rock to contend with beneath the soil but Westfield was a good host.


So you're heard about the cost and may be wondering, was it worth it?  I would say a big YES!!  What was the payoff?  With Saturday being closed to the public we had the opportunity for morning tacticals which were varied and quite challenging. The Saturday afternoon battle was less scripted and more free flowing then usual. This included a highland charge up and into a redoubt the government forces held. To me the battles and general combat was among our best in years.  Friday night’s meeting of Prince Charles by the clans rather then the traditional 'raising of the standard' was quite visual and very special to me. I trust the participants enjoyed the refreshments they were served. It was an opportunity to not only do something new but also recognize and thank the non-combatants.  Saturday night’s ceileidh was just excellent with many participants and a full moon lighting up the Green.  Also, we welcomed back some old friends, including "Young Ranald" of Clanranald and had some new people who fit in nicely.


Thank you to all who did so much to make this again a very special weekend. The acts of service and willingness to do what was necessary to ensure success was and is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to Tom Hurlbut and the Clan MacLachlan for acting as host of the event. The insurance issue went smoothly too thanks to their efforts.


Going forward:


Don't forget "I Am  Come Home!" at Fort Ontario in Oswego, NY August 30-31. Interest is building in this event.  There is a tall ship committed for the re-enactment of Prince Charles’ August 1745 landing at Glenfinnan, Scotland already plus more units (including government forces) who have said they are coming.


Also, the Perth Regiment is hosting "The Weeks Leading to Culloden" at George Rogers Clark Park in Ohio October 17-19. They have an interesting and varied program planned, focusing on tacticals and clan life.  Information will be going out on each in the near future now that we are past our spring event.


Finally, how can we make this better?  I would value your input. Is something keeping you away? I'd like to hear it to see how it can be addressed. Do we need to restructure or change leadership (me included)? Let me know that too.  The Army of King James and our events are only as strong as your commitment so your thoughts are very valuable.


Thank you for the privilege of leading.


Your servant,

Chris Timm

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


Clan Cameron’s cook tent and cook fire (l-r Russ Berry, Jeff Bills, Larry Clark, Bill Jeffery, Audrey Jeffery, Missy Clark, Anne Gemmill)

Photo courtesy of Rick Young (NJ Sept)

Clan Cameron’s dining tent (l-r Sue Young, Jack McDonald, Tim Hanselman, Anne Gemmill, Gordon Hubbell, Missy Clark, Russ Berry)

Photo courtesy of Rick Young (NJ Sept)

Clan Cameron (Clann of the Wolf) at their encampment (l-r Tim Hanselman, Jeff Bills, Audrey Jeffery, Scott “Badger” Gemmill, Bill Jeffery, Gordon Hubbell, Missy Clark, Larry Clark, Jack McDonald, Sue Young, Rick Young, Russ Berry)

Photo courtesy of Tim Hanselmann (OH Sept)


Jacobites marching off to battle

Photo courtesy of Rick Young (NJ Sept)


Forces of George II marching off to battle

Photo courtesy of Rick Young (NJ Sept)


Jacobites marching onto the field of battle

Photo courtesy of Bill Jeffery (NY Sept)

Consecrating the field of battle with soil from Culloden

Photo courtesy of Bill Jeffery (NY Sept)

The battle of Culloden commences

Photo courtesy of Tim Hanselman (OH Sept)

The battle of Culloden heats up

Photo courtesy of Tim Hanselman (OH Sept)

Jacobites in formation being addressed by HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Photo courtesy of Tim Hanselman (OH Sept)

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