Clann of the Wolf goes to Edinburgh

at the May 2005 Event at Old Fort Erie, Canada


The first re-enactment event of 2005 is now history.  "Jacobites in Edinburgh" was a great success.  The Clann of the Wolf was a big part of it and Clan Cameron was well represented. 
Old Fort Erie, the site of the "Road to Culloden 2003" event came alive May 20th-22nd with musket and cannon fire, the shout of orders, and the clash of blades as the Jacobites under Bonnie Prince Charlie came to Edinburgh and took the city, Holyrood Palace and the fortress from the loyalists occupying them.
Five clans were gathered under the standard of the Stuarts, including Cameron, MacDonald, MacGregor, MacLachlan, and Robertson.  Also serving under the Bonnie Prince were Lord Elcho's Life Guard, Royal Eccosais and Irish Picquets, as well as members of the Household Staff of HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart.
The opposition was made up of the Hanoverian 1st and 15th Regiments of Foot and Sutherland Highlanders. 
Seven sutlers filled out Sutlers Row, and the whole event took place under the watchful eye of Jim Hill and the very hospitable staff at Old Fort Erie, a remarkable site for such an event.
Saturday morning "The Capture of Edinburgh" was portrayed.  Clan Cameron led the capture of the city of Edinburgh, including a spirited skirmish while battle lines were forming. 
During the afternoon, "Actions on or About Edinburgh Castle" recreated the siege of the castle.  Jacobite guards were pushed back by loyalist forces, who were then pushed back themselves by the bulk of the Jacobite army.
Sunday morning "Tactical Maneuvers for the People of Edinburgh", held in Duddingston displayed the discipline and ferocity of the Jacobite army, utilizing precision musket fire and swordmanship, as well as the much-feared Highland charge.
Other events of the weekend included a reception for officers and Clan Chiefs in HRH Prince Charles' suite in Holyrood Palace.  A tea for the Prince was given by Lady MacLachlan and the ladies of Clan MacLachlan. Highland games were held by Clan Cameron, with prizes given out by HRH Prince Charles.  A Highland wedding and kertching ceremony were conducted to celebrate Badger and Anne Gemmill's 30th anniversary (members of the Ontario, Canada sept, Clann of the Wolf).  A period concert performed by a string quartet from the Erie Junior Philharmonic, and a ceileidh featuring an Irish folk quartet from St. Catherines in honor of Badger and Anne's wedding ceremony both occured on Saturday evening.  An 18th century Scottish Presbyterian worship service was led by Bill Jeffery (member of NY sept, Clann of the Wolf) on Sunday morning.  Soil from Culloden was sprinkled on the field of battle to consecrate the ground and to honor those who fell during the '45 Rising, all those who have died in defense of freedom, and those who are serving in its defense today.             

Clan Cameron encampment
front row (l to r): Grace Kepple, Megan Curry, Bill & Audrey Jeffery, Vicki Miller, Anne & Badger Gemmill, Addison Miller (Wolf XIII); back row (l to r): Skeeter & Tracy Curry, Larry (Wolf XI) & Missy (Wolf XIV) Clark, Aaron Jeffery, Stephen Kepple, Sue & Rick Young


The proposal and the kertching (Anne and Scott “Badger” Gemmill,

Missy Clark doing the kertching)


HRH Prince Charles reviews the troops


The Prince consecrates the ground with soil from Culloden


Scottish country dance lessons under the shadow of Old Fort Erie


(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


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