Clann of the Wolf on the March to London

at the September 2005 Event at Old Bedford Village, PA


The second re-enactment event of the 2005 season took place September 2-4, 2005 at Old Bedford Village in Bedford, PA.  "The March to London" saw fewer Jacobite and Hanoverian re-enactors come into the Village than previously, most likely due to the sudden very sharp spike in gas prices and speculation over short supplies.  Spectators were in good number and were not disappointed with the quality of scenarios and camp life they had come to see.  The Clann of the Wolf was a big part of this quality, and Clan Cameron was the clan best represented and very instrumental in the excellent atmosphere and enjoyable nature of the various events that took place between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. 

Old Bedford Village, the site of the previous two "March to London" events, once again proved a most hospitable host, and we again found the re-enactors there to be among the friendliest and most versatile that we have had the pleasure of interacting with.

Five groups were gathered under the standard of the Stuarts, including Clans Cameron, MacGregor, Robertson, Stewarts of Appin, and a new group which added much to the event, including a new level of oppulence, the Manchester Regiment.  Also serving under the Bonnie Prince were Lord Elcho's Life Guard and members of the Household Staff of HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

The programming once again focused on the Jacobite invasion of England in 1745, with battles and scenarios drawn from that part of the campaign, enabling involvement in re-enactment events of elements of the Rising other than those portrayed at the Culloden event that takes place in the spring of the year.  The 50+ buildings and extensive grounds of Old Bedford Village lend themselves well to this type of re-enactment.

Some of the events portrayed during the weekend event include:

-Jacobite forces driving back Hanoverian troops as they advance on the village of Derby

-Crown force sweep of the village looking for wounded and hiding Jacobites

-a Jacobite prisoner release as the result of the very ardent and persuasive efforts of the ladies of the clans.

-a guarded withdrawal from Derby, the first part of the long march back to Scotland by the Jacobite forces.

Other events of the weekend enabled the portrayal of various elements of the social, military and camp life of the period.  A reception for officers and Clan Chiefs was held in HRH Prince Charles' suite.  A tea for the Prince was hosted by Mrs. Cameron and the ladies of Clan Cameron.  A duel on Sunday afternoon to settle a matter of honor offended between a member of HRH Prince Charles' life guard and a Hanoverian officer ended in the "death" of the redcoat and the thankful survival of the loyal guard to the Prince.  A period concert was performed by a string quartet from the Erie Junior Philharmonic on Saturday evening, followed by an impromptu ceileidh featuring Mrs. Cameron on the hammered dulcimer, one of her multitudinous talents, a father and daughter duet on mandolin and fiddle, and sea chanties and fiddle tunes from the same Hanoverian officer who died in Sunday's duel (Roger Kirwin, the Curator of Old Bedford Village).  An 18th century Scottish Presbyterian worship service was led by Bill Jeffery (member of NY sept, Clann of the Wolf) on Sunday morning, including the reading of a passage of scripture by Lord Elcho.                   







Clan Cameron troops addressed by Lord George Murray (Wesley Weaver, NC Sept Chief) l-r: John Stengle, Aaron Jeffery, Skeeter Curry all of NY Sept and Charlie Fuller (NY Sept Chief)


Clan Cameron ladies host tea in honor of HRH Prince Charles


HRH Prince Charles and Jacobites on the march to Derby

Jacobite clan ladies plead for the release of Jacobite prisoners

HRH Prince Charles (c-Chris Timm) oversees prepartations for a duel to settle a matter of honor (l-Keith Enoch, r-Roger Kirwin)

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


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