Clann of the Wolf at the May 2006

Prestonpans and Culloden Event at Fort Loudon, PA


             It is hard to believe, but the long-awaited (winter does seem to make it that way, doesn't it?) first event of the 2006 re-enactment season is now among our happy memories.  And Clan Cameron was there in force, playing a large part in the battle, encampment, and social activity events of the weekend.  It was wonderful to make new acquaintances of both new (Seth and Amber) and old (Dan, John and Tim) members.  And it was a special treat to have Lady Amelia (Letha Weaver) amongst us again.  You have been missed, dear lady.

             The site that played host to the event, Fort Loudoun, is one of the best, with almost nothing but wooded hills surrounding it for scenery which might have been there in 1745.  It was easy to get into the right frame of mind for portraying Jacobites and loyalist clansmen and Hanoverian troops in such an environment.  The campgrounds were excellent and the site coordination was superb, thanks to the efforts of Malcolm MacWilliams of Clan Chattan.  Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, not to mention the excellent performance of your fine group and your own personal contributions, especially during the ceileidh Saturday night.

             The overall organization provided by Chris Timm (HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart) was top shelf, making for a seamless weekend packed full of great scenarios and opportunities to do what we re-enactors love to do--act out what it might have been like to be part of either of the two sides of the '45 Rising.

Friday evening a ceremony was held to bless the Royal Standard and for each clan represented to pledge their arms and support to the Bonnie Prince.  Saturday was a busy day with a handfast and kertching ceremony to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the vicar and his good wife, the ladies tea with HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and a ceileidh in the evening complete with bonfire, a professional period musician, balladier and teller of tales, as well as generous contributions of music, ballads and tales from many others there.  Sunday's activities included the re-creation of an 18th century Highland Presbyterian worship service

             The battle of Prestonpans was re-enacted on Saturday afternoon, with both the combined Hanoverian troops and loyalist clans and the Army of King James' Jacobite forces well represented as the Jacobites won the field from General Sir John Cope, history bearing out that this was largely due to the efforts of Lord George Murray, Lochiel (Donald Cameron) and the warriors of Clan Cameron. 

Sunday saw a re-creation of the battle of Culloden, in which the Jacobite forces were cut down by the withering fire of 3 large canons on the side of the Hanoverians under the command of HRH Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland overpowering the single piece of field artillery brought to the fray by Clan Cameron and the well-ordered musket volleys from the Jacobite clans.  Wounded and survivors were mercilessly bayoneted or run through with the swords of the Hanoverian victors, as was done 260 years ago.

             The weekend's challenges included wind, ferocious at times, but all in the various encampments met the challenge well, and no tents or personnel were lost.  Keeping bonnets on was another matter!

I think all who participated agree that this is a re-enactment site to which we would look forward to returning.                                  



Clann of the Wolf at the Culloden event

May 2006 Fort Loudon, PA

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


Clann of the Wolf piper and NJ State Sept Chief Rick Young

Clann of the Wolf dinner of roast beef slow cooked over an

open fire pit—you can almost taste it, can’t you?!

l-r: Kyle Curry, Scott “Badger” Gemmill, Jack McDonald and

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


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