Clann of the Wolf Once Again A Key Element

at the May 2007 Culloden Event at Fort Loudon, PA


             May 18th-20th, 2007 saw another re-enactment of the Battles of Prestonpans and Culloden at Fort Loudon, PA, a great site for re-enactment, and Clan Cameron (aka The Clann of the Wolf) was there in forceand played an important role in all aspects of the weekend's events. From the Ladies' Tea for HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart, to the organization and running of the Highland Games, not to mention the very good showing of NY Sept Chief Charlie "Brevet Captain" Fuller at those games, to the healthy contingent in the Army of King James for the recreations of the Battles of Prestonpans and Culloden, The Clann of the Wolf was both well represented and prominent in the success of the first re-enactment event of the season.

             The weekend's activities were kicked off with the Friday night torch-lit ceremony in which the Jacobite Highland clans rallied to the Stuart Royal Standard and pledged their loyalty to King James and Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Torches were provided by Clan Cameron.

             Saturday was chock-full of events.  The Battle of Prestonpans was well portrayed with Clan Cameron central in the victory.  The tea for the Prince hosted by the ladies of Clan Cameron was a smashing success.  A handfasting ceremony attended by HRH Prince Charles made public the betrothal of the youngest son (Aaron) of Vicar and Goodwife Abernethy (Bill and Audrey Jeffery) to the daughter (Carrie Ann) of members of the royal household of HRH Prince Charles (Life Guard Barry and musician Karen Smock), a fine union for Clan Cameron.  The Highland Games, always popular with the public, were well-run by NJ Sept Chief Rick Young, who also provided excellent piping for battles, processions and ceremonies.  The Saturday evening ceileidh was a fine mixture of instrumental and vocal pieces of music and tale-telling around the traditional bonfire, including a repeat appearance by a professional period musician, singer and story-teller.

             Sunday began with a period-correct outdoor Scottish Presbyterian worship service.  The Battle of Culloden was portrayed including a 6-pounder, 2-pounder and swivel canon on the side of the Duke of Cumberland helping the musketmen of the Gov't and loyalist troops win the field.  The noon-time meal for Clan Cameron centered around a spit-roasted lamb courtesy of Miss Tammy of the Ohio Sept which was absolutely delicious, along with other tasty Scottish dishes.  Sunday afternoon events also included the trial and hanging of a spy who had infiltrated the Army of King James and was caught conspiring to assasinate HRH Prince Charles, among other heinous and treasonous crimes.                        



HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart addresses the Army of King James

during formation

A whole lamb is open fire pit roasted for Clan Cameron’s dinner

(and no, it wasn’t reived—it was courtesy of Tammy of the WV Sept)

The ladies of Clan Cameron are honored to once again host a formal tea for HRH Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Scottish country dancing on a fine spring day

The men of Clan Cameron, from four states (FL. NJ, NY, PA), represented the Clann of the Wolf well at this event, as usual

After the battle there are always guns to be cleaned, and some guns are bigger than others, right Captain Fuller? (NY Sept Chief Charlie Fuller cleaning his Bess and his wife’s 2-pounder swivel gun)

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)

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