Clann of the Wolf at the 2014 “Raising the Standard” Event

at the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival in Olcott Beach, NY


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After a bit of a hiatus the Army of King James was back in action this past weekend at the Niagara Celtic Festival in Olcott New York.  At this event we set up an encampment and do various demonstrations throughout the weekend as part of the broader festival. We have become one of the marquee elements of the event and have an excellent working relationship with the organizers. This year was no different. We had a big turnout, perhaps our biggest, and a very nice camp.  A highlight of the weekend was a large contingent from Florida who joined us, several for the first time. For them, they were able to sample some fine Scotland-like weather.  It was cool (cold for them!!) and rained Saturday morning but cleared by the afternoon so we were able to do everything we set out to accomplish. Sunday was a pleasant fall day and a joy to experience in this amazing location right on the shore of Lake Ontario.

From a program standpoint, the artillery train was up to 4 guns this year and included an impressive night shoot. From a programming standpoint we recreated the arrival of the prince, did weapons and tactics demos and a skirmish each day, a ladies tea was held Saturday and ongoing camp life brought our time period to life for the thousands of appreciative public who came out. In addition Elliot MacFarlane had his usual superb display and demonstrations. It was a dynamic, fun time together. If you've not done this event you really should consider it!

Thank you to Clan Cameron for again hosting and organizing this weekend. In particular I'd like to note the efforts of Gordon Hubbell and Larry Clark for spearheading the effort. Three cheers for the clan and for these two fine gentlemen!

Going forward, there continues to be interest in this time period so we are determined to forge on and re-establish a May event. That being said, if any group has any event ideas, please let me know. We are looking to see how we can continue to fit into the broad spectrum of living history here in North America.  I'll keep you posted this fall on developments as they arise.

For God, for Scotland, and for King James!

I am,
your servant,
Chris Timm

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(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


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