Clann of the Wolf New York Sept Hosts the 2011 “I  Am Come Home!” Event

at the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival in Olcott Beach, NY


(From Chris Timm’s posting on the Highlanders & Hanoverians website forum


We had a great weekend at the Niagara Celtic Festival in Olcott NY. Our numbers grew as did our place of prominence in the program.  In fact we were on the event main page for their website.  Besides our encampment we had our own demonstartion area complete with bleachers to do tactics and weapon demonstrations throughout the weekend.  Of particular interest to the public (and participants!) was a live steel demonstration where pumpkins on stands were used to show how lethal the broadsword could be at the end of a highland charge.  Beyond that, we had a night cannon demonstration and each day the Prince was landed at the park from the tall ship Black Pearl (the original one!) which was very well received by the public. Beyond that, we interacted with the public and enjoyed the fantastic encampment location on the shore of Lake Ontario plus listened to some of the great bands including the Glngarry Bhoys who performed throughout the weekend.


Thank you to Clan Cameron for hosting and Dr. Archibald Cameron (Brian Park) for organizing. Your legendary hospitality was again appreciated.


We are still planning for next May's event and hope to have more information before too long. But thus far we are looking at a return to Ontario on the weekend between Mother's Day and Memorial Day, as usual. Stay posted.


For God

For Scotland

and for King James


your servant,


Chris Timm


For photos of this event go to: Am Come Home 2011

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


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