Saturday supper is served in the encampment of Clan Cameron, and HRH Prince Charles is a special guest of honor, along with many other guests who shared our sumptuous fare.

English troops garrisoned at Fort Inversnaid (Fort Ontario) try to fend off the attack of Jacobite Forces at the sallyport (Sunday afternoon tactical re-enactment)

(Below)  The first draft of the first Constitution of the Clann of the Wolf (Note: this is not the current Constitution)

(Below)  An early Clann of the Wolf recruitment flyer

Text Box: Wolf X 
Wesley Weaver 
Text Box: Wolf XI 
Larry Clark
Text Box: Wolf XII 
Joey Hall
Text Box: Wolf IX 
Dan Taylor

The Clann of the Wolf Celebrates 25 Years!

             The year was 1989.  A man named Steve Becker had an idea.  While there were plenty of opportunities for frontiersmen, buckskinners, French & Indian War, American War of Independence, etc. re-enactment, those of Celtic, and particularly of Scottish descent or interest had no opportunities to re-enact Scottish history.  As Bill Palmer recalls: 

             “Becker had the idea for Clann Wolf in July, 1989.  He consulted with Jonopolos, and they consulted with Humphrey.  By early August we held our first meeting for formation ideas.  In early September, I put together the first newsletter issue.  I photocopied 50 of them and we brought them to the 1989 EPR in Glengary, WV, and introduced the wolfie puppy to the world of  re-enactors and rendezvousers.  By mid October, 1989, (less than a month later), we had 75 signed up members representing 35 states and two Canadian provinces.  Right in the middle of my preparation of Issue #2 of the newsletter I had two heart attacks and major surgery.  So it wasn't until January, 1990, when the 2nd issue made its appearance.  By then, we had climbed to over 100 in membership. Another tid-bit of Clann history is that from 1990 until present date, Clann Wolf has hosted the EPR primitive Highland Games.”

             And the rest, as they say, is history.

             Bill Palmer also mentioned “ daughter Rhonda made the first flag or banner for the National Chief to display when he or she holds court or is in camp and to be passed on to the next Chief.  I sent it to then Chief Rick Haven.  That was the last I ever saw or heard of it.  Where it is now is anyone's guess.  Maybe you can inquire about it from the membership to see if anyone knows of its location or disposition.”  If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this flag or banner, please let either Bill Palmer, the current Clann of the Wolf International Chief, or the webmaster know.

             Also, if any veteran Wolfers have any information, photos, or documents that should be included on this page, please send them to the webmaster (



(Above)  Very first group shot of National Chief (Linda Dworsak, Wolf II in front) and Sept Chiefs...and me.  They are (to the best of my memory) Seamus (Spot) Fullerton (NC and later Wolf IV), Dick Freer (NY), Paul Shimaittis (IL), Pete Raine (OH and later Wolf III), Chief Dworsak; behind her is Gary 'Wookie' Ashton (TN), me, Michael 'Jaws' Halad (WV), Lee 'Hardluck' Humphrey (MO), and Charles Wheeler (VA).  The photo was taken by Ava Francesca. 

(Comments by Bill Palmer)

According to Lee “Hardluck” Humphrey, this photo was taken at Martin’s Mountain, Flintstone, MD in 1990

(Below)  The very first newsletter [issued September 1989].  This is the one that started us off.  Even though it shows as 5 pages, we presented it on three (front & back).  (Comments by Bill Palmer)

(Above) According to Bill Palmer, this is the very first Clann Wolf group photo and the only photo know to exist with all four of the founding fathers. It was taken May, 1990 at the Celtic Festival in Springfield, IL. From left to right: (first row) Karen McAdams, Brad “FX” Hullman, and someone who was passing through and ended up in the photo according to Steve Becker; (second row) Steve Becker, Bill Palmer, Patrick Jonopolos; (third row) Johnny McAdams, Lee 'Hardluck' Humphrey. If anyone recognizes the man on the right end of the first row holding the targe, please send his name to the webmaster.

(Above)  An early newspaper story I shamelessly tricked a local reporter into submitting to Associated Press (which meant it was sent out can see that this particular paper was in Jefferson City, MO).  The reporter made some mistakes but it garnered the publicity I wanted.  Someone shortly afterwards saw the article in a California newspaper and promptly contacted me to join. (Comments by Bill Palmer)  (Webmaster’s note: The photo—left—was included in the article)

(Above)  War Cry of Clann Wolf.  This was composed and copywrited by Pipe Major J.H. (Joe) Eby.  To this date I have never heard it played.  (Comments by Bill Palmer)  (Webmaster’s note:  Our very able Clann piper, NJ Sept Chief Rick Young has been given this music and asked to learn it in time to play it at a special celebration of the Clann of the Wolf’s 20th anniversary at the “I Am Come Home!” event at Fort Ontario in Oswego, NY Labor Day weekend 2009, so perhaps if Bill Palmer can’t make it there, someone will record Rick’s performance and send it to Bill!) 

(Below) The second edition of the Clann of the Wolf newsletter from January 1990

Text Box: Wolf I
Steve Becker

Text Box: Wolf II
Linda Dworsak
Text Box: Wolf III, Wolf IV (Interim)
Pete Raine
Text Box: Wolf IV (Interim), Wolf V
Lee “Hardluck”

(pipe tune playing: The Flowers of the Forest)


Bill Palmer’s (front far left) first public appearance in a kilt

along with Steve Becker (Wolf I) (front middle)

Does anybody recognize anyone else?

Bill and Barb Palmer at the first event where the Clann of the Wolf

was requested to appear for a living history day

Dan (Wolf IX) and Mary Taylor at the first Fire in the Glen at the Glasgow, KY Highland Games

Dave (Wolf VI and current OH Sept Chief)

and Sheila Guy

Rick “Buff” Estes (Wolf VII) (left) and Ralph Gentry (current KY Sept Chief) at the first Fire in the Glen

Linda Dworsak (Wolf II) at her first EPR as Chief

Pete Raine (Wolf III)

Barb Palmer, the second Treasurer of the Clann of the Wolf

(l-r) Lee “Hardluck” Humphrey (Wolf IV Interim and Wolf V) and Steve Becker (Wolf I) summer 1989

(l-r) Joey Hall (Wolf XII), Mark Covert, and Pete Raine (Wolf III) at the first Fire in the Glen

Lee “Hardluck” Humphrey (Wolf IV Interim and Wolf V)  before his first cup of morning coffee

(top left picture)

Gary Osborne (right)

(first IN Sept Chief)

and a friend (left)—does anybody recognize her?


(bottom left picture)

Dave (Wolf VI and current OH Sept Chief) (right) and Sheila Guy (left) displaying the first OH Sept flag


(picture on the right)

Steve Becker (Wolf I) ready to charge the British.  It was about the time this picture was taken that Steve came up with the idea of the Clann of the Wolf.

Text Box: Wolf XVI 
“Lucky Dave” Cox
Text Box: Wolf XIV 
Missy Clark
Text Box: Wolf XV 
Jack McDonald
Text Box: Wolf VI
Dave Guy
Text Box: Wolf VII
Rick “Buff” Estes
Text Box: Wolf VIII
Rick Haven
Text Box: Wolf XVIII
Jeff Bills
Text Box: Wolf XIX 
Patti Strickland
Text Box: Wolf XX 
Guy Miller