Future Events

What: The Forty-Ninth (2020) Alafia River Rendezvous (http://www.floridafrontiersmen.com)

When: TBA

Where: Florida Frontiersmen club property located at 1000 Old Fort Mead Rd., Homeland, FL 33847

Booshways: TBA

Segundos:  TBA

Theme: TBA


Full participant information including pre-registration information for the 2020 Alafia River Rendezvous will be available on the Florida Frontiersmen website (http://www.floridafrontiersmen.com/index.php/participant-information/)

Any Clann of the Wolf members who know of an event that would be of interest to other members are asked to forward information regarding such events to the webmaster (vicaronaroll@yahoo.com) for posting on this page.

(pipe medley playing: Highland Laddie, The Barren Rocks of Aden, Teribus)

What: Possible future Prestonpans and Culloden re-enactment events

When: September 2020 and April 2021

Where: Fort Loudoun, PA


The following email of September 19, 2018 from Mark Hagenbuch (aka Malcolm MacWilliams) was forwarded to this webmaster by Chris Timm:

“Chris….hope all is well with you.  I am hoping I am still able to physically do all that I want in 2020 and 2021. Remember Ft. Loudoun and the two events we did there, near Chambersburg, PA? Well, the Board has changed….one of my good friends, a reenactor who loves doing Jacobite, is now President of their Board.  Looking way ahead he wants to do a Prestonpans in Sept of 2020 and Culloden in April of 2021.  I'm not sure how many of your Jacobites are still around, but I'd like to begin to get a commitment from all of you for those tentative dates.  I know that you are stepping down as BP, who is taking your place? So, let's start conversation early.  Time passes on but friendships stay strong, my friend. Malcolm”


Please communicate your interest in participating in these events should they become a reality to our Clann Chief or Cadet.

(From http://backuspagehouse.ca/event/the-road-to-culloden)

Scotland Forever – The Road to Culloden 2019

May 18 - May 19

Cost: $8.00


Step back in time to 1745, and follow the loyal Scots through triumph and tragedy in their quest to reclaim the throne for Bonnie Prince Charlie! 

Battles, black-powder weapons demonstrations, a Piper’s Call, traditional singers, storytellers, the life of a Jacobite Soldier, British Military Punishment and an historic church service are just a few of the things planned for this weekend.

To register as a participant, please email Seamus at storyteller@mdirect.net

Organizer: Backus-Page House Museum

Phone: 519-762-3072

Email: info@backuspagehouse.ca

Venue: Backus-Page House Museum

              29424 Lakeview Line

              Wallacetown, Ontario N0L 2M0 Canada

What: 2019 Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival (http://www.niagaraceltic.com)

When: September 14th-15th

Where: Niagara County Fairgrounds, Lockport, NY


The Clann of the Wolf has once again been invited to present our mid-18th century Scottish history encampment with weapons drills and other activities. Arrival and set up is Friday evening, September 13th. The site has changed due to the growth of the festival over the years, and the Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival will be held this year at the Niagara County Fairgrounds located just northeast of Lockport, NY

Please contact NY Sept Chief Charlie Fuller (585-437-5099 or brokenbeads@moonsickcow.com) to let him know who will be able to participate in this event.